ФЛИС односторонний

Толщина полотна 1,5-2мм, 100% полиэстер, ширина ткани в рулоне 150 см.
Рулоны по 20 кг (от 75м пог.)
Ширина 150 см. Продажа в кг.
1кг=3,7 погонных метра.

Артикул: Н/Д Категория:

Флис односторонний 130-180 г/м 2- качество DTY.
Трикотажное (вязаное) полотно с лицевой ворсовой поверхностью. Ворс производят с помощью специального оборудования, начесывают щетками, которые вытягивают и распушают петли. Верхний слой с обработкой антипилинг (предварительное скатывание). Гладкое однотонное стойкое крашение.
Ткань предназначена для производства одежды 2 слоя, в виде подклада. Для производства игрушек, и других изделий. Гипоаллергенна.


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Welcome to Rauta website!

Rauta Company is a leading modern supplier of textile products in Russia. The main specialization of the activity is the supply of fabrics for the production of furniture and outerwear. The company was founded in 1992, and, from this period to the present day, our specialists have been able to achieve high results and enter into partnership agreements with numerous foreign companies located in Poland, China and India. In addition, highly qualified specialists of the company provide careful quality control of products, which ensures the provision of light industry enterprises with products of only the highest level.

About company

A wide range of our products includes:

  • fabrics for the production of quality outerwear;
  • furniture fabrics of various colors and textures;
  • artificial skin;
  • related products.

The high quality of Rauta’s products is confirmed by numerous diplomas and awards that she received at international textile exhibitions. This is what made it possible for our specialists to conclude profitable contracts with partners, to supply them with a large assortment of goods, satisfying even the most demanding client’s requests. Many years of experience working with a wide variety of partners, the high quality of manufactured fabrics and the ability to work to order make Rauta an expert in the field of textile production.

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